OK so you want to go fishing but you have trouble getting your friends organized to book the whole boat to go.  I know its tough getting your friends to commit or the ones that do, bail at the last minute leaving you hanging.  One option is to jump on a walk on trip to just book yourself and not the whole boat.  When I don’t have the boat booked and I see a weather window, I’ll offer a walk on trip.  Price depends on how far we go, offshore, nearshore, or bay and how long we stay.  The first notification I do is by email.  Then I’ll do a facebook post and notification on my webpage.  The best way to get on a walk on is to get on my email blast as you’ll get first shot. 

I’ll continue to do deep drop and seabass trips nearshore and offshore as the weather allows.  I’ll also start doing striper trips in the near future as soon as they start getting active in the mid to lower bay.   If you want to get on my email list, please fill out this form below. 

Please enter your contact details (email and phone number) and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.





email:  mike@averys.net

Phone:  757-329-5137