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My goal is to create a series of articles that covers all forms of saltwater fishing the lower Chesapeake bay and coastal Virginia. Yes there are many fishing tips, articles, and videos on the internet already. But not too many focusing just on our local waters and our fish and they are scattered all over the place. So I’d like to ask from everyone out there who has a reasonable amount of personal experience to write a short article or two on your experience on whatever topic you would like to write about. There is no pay in any of this but I will properly contribute the article to the author. I would like to have one site that has all the information an angler might need to get started fishing in our waters. And I think that even many of the old salts might learn a thing a two. Many of us have helped many other anglers over the years answering questions giving out tips in small doses. But trying to search for these tips can be frustrating and time consuming. So why not try to archive these tips into one central place. So if it’s windy outside and you’re caught up on your honey dos, please write a one page article and email it to: And I’ll put it up on my blog attributed to you. 

Sword Fish

Sword Fishing Tips (18 Aug 14)

A detailed article on how we catch swordfish off the coast of Virginia.

Deep Dropping

Deep Dropping Tips (22 Sep 14)

A detailed article on deep dropping off Virginia

Crossing Swords in the Dark

Crossing Swords in the Dark

Big Game Fishing Journal Nov-Dec 2014 Issue

Red and Black Drum

Big Red and Black Drum

A detailed article on catching Bull Reds and big Black Drum


Overnighting Offshore Tips (24 Sep 14)

A detailed article on overnighting in a small boat off the coast of Virginia.

Cobia Fishing


A detailed video of chumming for cobia

Hard Bottom

Identifying Hard Bottom on Sonar (24 Sep 14)

Identifying Hard Bottom on Sonar - By Scott Chapman

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